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Published 30 May 2012 by keyismylife

Tim UNTIRTA mendapatkan hadiah sebesar Rp 12jt. Foto : VN

Setelah mengikuti perlombaan Debat Konstitusi yang dilaksanakan atas kerja sama Mahkamah Konstitusi dan Universitas Parahyangan (UNPAR), TIM UNTIRTA yang terdiri dari Nur Latifah Alhasyimmie, Richa Septiawan dan Eli Ermawati bersama Dosen pembimbing Nur Ikah mendapatkan Juara 1, beserta Uang saku sebesar Rp 12jt. UNTIRTA berhasil mengalahkan UNPAR, UNPAD dan UNPAS dalam tema “Outsourcing Dalam Pekerjaan”.

Setelah berhasil mendapatkan Juara 1 dalam perlombaan yang diadakan untuk daeran Se-Banten dan Jabar ini, apakah yang akan Kota Serang berikan atas penghargaan terhadap Tim Debat UNTIRTA ini??? Mengingat bahwa UNTIRTA mampu mengalahkan saingan yang sangat berat, Pemerintah Kota Serang sebaiknya memberikan penghargaan yang sepantar dengan kerja keras yang telah mereka lakukan demi membawa nama Kota Serang dan UNTIRTA sebagai Juara 1 dalam lomba Debat Konstitusi ini.

Apakah Pemerintah akan menengok sedikit dan memberikan penghargaan, atau hanya akan duduk santai dalam rumah mewah dan memeluk erat segepok uang milik rakyat?????

(Sakina Mawardah)


Can I ?

Published 31 October 2010 by keyismylife


I  have a wish when I was a child….

“When I grow up and I am a woman, I want do anything I want, I dont want just became an ordinary woman. I want to become a known woman in the universe… “


But now, when I have finished my high school, my mind is change very extremely….

Do you know what I wish for?????

I think this wish really standard, I dont know if other girls like me will also wish like me!!!


My wish is :

“I hope, I can married, have a child, grow my child nicely, be a grandmother, and die in old age”

My wish just simple like that, not really big…

But when I think about this universe again, can I do all that??? Can I be a grandmother? Can I die in old age?


Please GOD, make my wish cometrue, and don’t shutdown the earth…

I know “YOU” angry with all the thing with what we do… But, Please gave us one chance again.


Just one chance again….

Bad Insomnia

Published 25 October 2010 by keyismylife


I’m back…

Do you know Insomnia guys???? Owh… I really hate this thing!!!! I have a really bad Insomnia. Can anyone help me???

Last night I cant sleep because this Insomnia attacking me… Do you know what time I sleep last night? Its 7 am, I think its already morning!!!! I really want to sleep, but my eyes still opened like I justwake up…. I try really hard to sleep, but its not hapened!!!! I listening a soft music, readinng something, make an FF (fanfiction), sing a song, turn on the TV, but all that thing not helping me to get some sleep!!! I have this Insomnia since I still in Junior High School… It is because I really like to study before I sleep, but when Im study, I can stop this thing. For the first time Im study before sleeping its just take 1 or 2 hours, but after that its going to 4 until 5 hours… And I sleep about 2 – 3 am… That is the begining for this bad Insomnia I have now!

Last night, I just remember my Teddy bear doll. Its from my auntie Yeni Hartati, but shes like my sister…. She gave me this doll when I still in 2 grade… And I still have this doll from her. I think i want to name this doll as “Ye Eun”, that is a name from a child in “Oh My Lady” Korean Drama, she really like teddy bear too…

Always Love SHINee

Published 24 October 2010 by keyismylife


After watching SHINee performane on TVRI of Indonesia, now I am more and more love SHINee oppa….

How can be they are so talented??? with handsome looking, nice voice, really great dance, and number of talent that they have… How proud their parents!!!

I really want go to Korea…

I want live there…..



About me

Published 23 October 2010 by keyismylife


I want to introduce my self again…

My name is Sakina Mawardah, I’m from Indonesia. I was born on April 17, 1992. So, now my age is 18 years old! I just have finished my high school this year, but I dont really satisfied with my score! I am just an ordinary girl who loves listening music and then sing the song. I like watching movies and drama too. I really like learning something new, because its make me curious about it… When I was in high school, I really like Japan Language lesson, because my School pick Japanese language as a foreign language to the student to learn… And I just fall in love with that lesson already. Even, I buy a books about how to learn Japan Language… But, when I just finished my school I was like not learning it anymore. Its not because I already hate that lesson, but I just not really corious about it anymore!!! Now, when I dont have anything to do at my house, I try to learning Korea language… And I really love it, because when I learn this language I can practice it with K-POP music and learn to write the lyrics in Korean letters and then I tried to read it… And now, I can read and write easily… Thanks to GOD who gave me this talent (learning so cuickly)… At School I always get the high score among my friends.. I really like joining extracurricular activities, such as OSIS (Intra School Student Organization), PASKIBRA and other activities… So, I really thanks to GOD that gave me this!!! Im really thankfully of This!!! Gamsahamnida…