Its Me


Annyeonghaseyo.. ^_^

I want to introduce my self …


My name is Sakina Mawardah, I’m from Indonesia. I was born on April 17, 1992. So, now my age is 19 years old! I just have finished my high school this year, but I dont really satisfied with my score! Now, Im a colege girl,  my major is ‘Informatica Technique’. I am just an ordinary girl who loves listening music and then sing the song. I like watching movies and drama too. I really like learning something new, because its make me curious about it… When I was in high school, I really like Japan Language lesson, because my School pick Japanese language as a foreign language to the student to learn… And I just fall in love with that lesson already. Even, I buy a books about how to learn Japan Language… But, when I just finished my school I was like not learning it anymore. Its not because I already hate that lesson, but I just not really corious about it anymore!!! Now, when I dont have anything to do at my house, I try to learning Korea language… And I really love it, because when I learn this language I can practice it with K-POP music and learn to write the lyrics in Korean letters and then I tried to read it… And now, I can read and write easily… Thanks to GOD who gave me this talent (learning so cuickly)… At School I always get the high score among my friends.. I really like joining extracurricular activities, such as OSIS (Intra School Student Organization), PASKIBRA and other activities… So, I really thanks to GOD that gave me this!!! Im really thankfully of This!!! Gamsahamnida…


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